Our Hansa

Hansa is a new startup society built for the networked age.

Join the community to get together over a series of invitation only events alongside a community of free-thinking individuals, entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, chefs, musicians, philanthropists, scientists and more.

Hansa is a community of individuals working to solve the most pressing problems that plague open societies.
We aim to do this sharing ideas, knowledge, resources and collaborating to grow these ideas together as a community.

Our Interests

Open Gov
Human Progress
Humanity in the Autonomous Age
The Future of Knowledge
Governance Mechanisms
Sustainable Public Goods Funding 
Ideas, merit and elegance.

Our Principles

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Interested for more info?
How do I join the Hansa Collective?

Join the waitlist via the link on the home page, fill out the expression of interest form and we will be in touch shortly.

What happens at Hansa events?

Panels on the topics that no one else will host. Chatham House discussions between leaders in all fields. Creative and recreational escapes from the grind of single-minded building.

How often will events be hosted?

One major event per quarter as well as pop-up events throughout the year. 

Where will events take place? 

Globally, always. We will look to acquire a permanent home for the Hansa in the coming months. More information shortly.